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case studies
our clients
case studies
Making Scenery Sustainable
creative - WG works to reduce our carbon footprint through reusable scenic environment.
Innovative Speaker Support
production - WG brought our expertise to the world renowned global conference, TED Talks, in support of our long-time partner, DARPA.
International Webcast
virtual - WG uses our customized communications solution for our client's webcast meetings.
Website & App Development
virtual - WG designed and programmed a social media platform for our long time client.
Supporting Worthy Causes
creative - WG supports local Chicago-based charity, JDRF
Staging Grammy Winners
entertainment - Great entertainment, when produced well, makes for great memories and enhances your brand awareness and key messages.
United Way Webcast
virtual - Thousands of viewers logged on to watch United Way's live webcast, hosted by WG.
Fresh Ideas
creative - Innovative communication through panel discussions, speakers and demonstrations
International Events
production - WG has conceived and produced more than 20 incredible International events for MDRT.
Virtual Communications
virtual - WG takes great pride in the ability to use technology in creative forums on behalf of our clients.
Reimagining Retail
production - WG created seamless video broadcasts live from the show floor to a general session.
Dealer Communications
creative - In Las Vegas, WG produced and coordiated a massive dealer & customer event in an 50,000 square foot tent.
Charity Event
entertainment - For NCTA, WG produced a new kind of entertainment to generate revenue for local New Orleans charities.
AARP Life@50+
production - WG produced and managed the main stage for one of America's largest association's annual convention: AARP: Life@50+
Award Winning Video
creative - Our video producers created this award-winning video based on a Gotham CIty creative treatment.
Great Performance
creative - More than 12,000 people enjoyed name acts and elaborate staging produced by WG for this event at the Bradley Center.
Are You Game?
entertainment - WG staged a unique, unbelievably huge, interactive party for a large software company under the stars.
Best Practice Videos
learning - For International Paper, WG produced more than 60 training videos to depict best environmental, safety and business practices.
Exhibit Design
creative - DARPA, the nation’s experts in technology and information, regularly rely on WG to design and communicate their messages.
National Sales Meeting
production - WG provided staging and production for the AFLAC National Sales Convention and included a custom scenic look.