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It is one of our greatest passions to develop compelling learning programs for audiences of all shapes and sizes. WG designed a city/village/ “nation”, with hands-on demos of the latest trends and technologies broadband provides our country. As part of an internal communications campaign, WG’s produced 60+ training videos to demonstrate International Paper’s best safety and business practices.

Williams/Gerard is built upon a demonstrated ability to drive behavior through communication, and our learning solutions are no exception.

We work with you on a strategic level to evaluate the performance changes you seek in your organization. From that research, we formulate instructional designs in the media best suited to your objectives and your budget, be it video, computer-based, live training or virtual.

Measurement and assessment complement our solutions. In addition to gauging impact, accurate assessments allow us to create programs based on continuous improvement.

At Williams/Gerard, we give your audience the information they need to get the job done, the skills to deliver results, and the tools you need to measure your ROI.

Through live, web and experiential learning solutions,
our experts can help you: 

  • prepare sales and service people to deliver new products
  • improve customer service skills
  • develop leaders within the organization
  • replicate role model behavior
  • orient new employees or new customers
  • develop individual and team selling skills
  • train customers on new products and services
  • improve the performance of key business partners
            (e.g. franchisees and reseller networks)
  • Services Offered

  • performance gap analysis
  • comprehensive instructional design
  • seminars, presentations, training sessions & breakouts
  • multimedia training kits
  • instructional videos
  • customizable online learning environments
  • assessment, reporting & archiving