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WG provided turnkey production support for the AFLAC National Sales Convention, including staging, videos and lights for over 2,200 attendees. Smooth speaker and video transitions, a smart strategy and collaboration all culminated in a well-timed and motivational event for Ace Hardware. It takes a village, people. Actually, a single person performs as all five in a proven form of great entertainment.

Whether you want to host a flawlessly executed meeting with a single keynote speaker or produce an international awards ceremony for an audience of thousands, relax - we've got you covered.

No matter the scope of your project, you can rest assured that we'll take care of everything from start to finish.  We'll build the set. We'll hire the labor. We'll run the technical side. We'll make sure your VIPs have a positive, relaxing, and engaging experience when they get on camera or on stage. We'll help design and produce the supplementary media.

And in the process, you may find yourself sleeping a whole lot better at night.
Services Offered:

  • project management
  • budget negotiation & reconciliation
  • comprehensive insurance & financial stability
  • logistical management
  • technical direction
  • labor management
  • stage management
  • creative development
  • show scripting & direction
  • graphic design & production
  • video & audio production
  • space planning & CAD services
  • staging design
  • lighting design
  • special effects