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<b>DEAN - CHICAGO</b>  Dean likes cooking (fish and shellfish are his specialties) and plays the blues guitar. He has been married for 25 years and has three kids - all in college. <b>JOHN - CHICAGO</b> John graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a masters in fine arts and is really a beach comber at heart. <b>MICHELLE - CHICAGO</b>  Michelle graduated from the University of Illinois and was a gymnast for 12 years. She is a life - long North Side White Sox Fan. <b>PAUL - CHICAGO</b> Paul and his wife, Betty, have adopted older or disabled dogs from local animal shelters for many years.

<b>STEVE - CHICAGO</b> Steve has a Masters in Library Science from the University of Maryland. He has run 3 marathons. His fastest time was 3:37:23.  <b>TERRY - CHICAGO</b> Terry has taught scenery and lighting design at the University of Iowa and Northern Illinois and has been exclusively in the scenery and lighting field for the past 20 years. <b>TRENT - CHICAGO</b> Kayaking home to Porter Beach from Chicago on Lake Michigan is on his bucket list. <b>ANN - DC</b>  Ann likes hanging out with friends and family, pigging out on Jumbo Spiced Crabs, being at ocean any time, listening to good music at fun venues, and walking my dog. <b>JANICE  - DC:</b> Janice is an award winning video producer, with both Silver and Bronze Tellys. <b>JOHN - DC</b>  I seem to have the ability of self surprise and self denial: I'm a White Sox Fan. <b>BRAIDEN - DC</b> Braiden played Division I soccer in college and received a yellow card on his very first play. <b>AUBREY - NY</b> Aubrey once lived in Florence, Italy. <b>DAVE - SAN ANTONIO</b> <b>JONATHAN - RACINE</b> Jonathan's first paid industrial theater gig was performing in (a Ford Lincoln Mercury Car show) Las Vegas when he was 18. <b>ALAN - CHICAGO </b> Alan has had extensive experience in producing conferences and media pieces for foodservice and hospitality clients for more than twenty-seven years. <b>DON - CHICAGO </b> Don has been with WG for 21 years and believes his strength lies in his industry experience, understanding budget pressures and organization. <b>PAT - CHICAGO</b> Pat enjoys fly - out fishing trips to Canada with his three sons whom he has coached in youth baseball for the past ten years. <b>AJ - CHICAGO</b> <b>JOE - CHICAGO</b> <b>FIDES - CHICAGO</b>

With more than three decades of experience in this dynamic industry, WG prides itself on the level of influence and historical connection we have when it comes to helping organizations produce effective and cost efficient business communications.

Led by two managing partners who co-founded the company in 1976, Williams/Gerard brings together the most extensive and reliable network of professionals; producers, creative directors, scenic designers, graphic designers, video producers, writers, technologists and more.

More than 50% of our staff has been with us for 10 years or longer. Our industry leadership allows us to attract the best talent and our corporate culture encourages them to stay.